BH51M NEO Urban
BH51M NEO Urban
BH51M NEO Urban
BH51M NEO Urban
BH51M NEO Urban
BH51M NEO Urban
BH51M NEO Urban

BH51M NEO Urban

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Helmet Taillight

Turn Signal Light

Front Light ×
Automatic Brake Light
SOS Fall Detection
Bluetooth handlebar controls
Battery Status
Anti-loss alarm ×
Auto ON/OFF ×
Walkie Talkie ×
Voice Navigation ×
Stereo speakers & microphone ×
Answer phone calls ×

Smart Features

Walkie-Talkie: Push to talk with your ride buddies.

Press for SOS: Press and hold to send an alert message to your pre-selected emergency contacts.

Stereo Speakers: Built-in speakers that let you listen to music while allowing ambient sounds to be heard.

Windbreak Microphone: Clarity of sound, even at top speeds of 60km/h.

Smart Lighting: Smart LED lighting technology that adapts to dark conditions.

Turn Signals: Indicate your next move to traffic and pedestrians.

Front & Brake Lights: The built-in gravity sensor communicates significant deceleration to those around you.

Anti-Loss Alarm: An anti-loss alarm will sound when the distance between phone and helmet exceeds 15 meters.

Voice Navigation: Connect your smartphone to get GPS directions via your chosen navigation app.

One-Click Answer: Easily answer or make phone calls on the go.

Fall Detection: Impact sensory technology that activates the emergency system and sends your location to your emergency contacts.

Auto-Off: Save power when the helmet is not in use with the Auto Off function. 

Smart Construction

Handmade PU Leather Brim

Adjustable Fit: The tension adjusting system provides both safety and comfort.

Aerodynamic Ventilation – 12 vents: The unique ventilation design allows air cooling while reducing wind resistance.

In-Mold Construction: A lighter helmet with better protection thanks to EPS foam and polycarbonate construction.

 Weight Approx 398g
Brim Material Handmade PU Leather
Bluetooth BT 4.2, Max. 10m
Speaker Stereo 2 x 0.5W
Microphone -42bB
Tail Lights Full-colour LED taillights & turn indicators
Buttons Power on, volume+, volume-
Charging Port Magnetic, DC 5V/0.5A, Charging time approx. 3hrs
Battery Capacity 3.7V/600mAh, 10hrs [lights], 3-6hrs [music + lights]
Standby Duration Max.180 days
Dimensions 32 x 17 x 23.5cm
Gyroscope 3-Axis
Water Resistant IPX4 Waterproof

x1 Helmet

x1 Quick Start Guide

x1 BR80 Remote Control

x1 Magnetic USB Charging Cable

x1 Important Information & Warranty Card

Wondering which size to pick?

Our helmet sizes are based on head circumference, which can easily be determined by wrapping a measuring tape around your head. 

Note that all LIVALL helmets have an adjustable fit.





54 - 58 cm

58 - 62 cm

BH51T / BH51M

54 - 58 cm

58 - 62 cm

RS1 Snow

54 - 58 cm

58 - 62 cm


54 - 58 cm

57 - 62 cm


54 - 58 cm

57 - 61 cm


55 - 61 cm (one size)


55 - 61 cm (one size)


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
DONT BUY...Poor Quality & Support is shady

I bought this helmet in Canada for $250. I thought that I was getting a quality helmet that I would enjoy for many years. I was very wrong.

Within the first month I was noticing scratches and pain on my head whenever I used the helmet. This happened because the lining inside the helmet that is attached with velcro was garbage, the little bit of foam that was supposed to pad my head wasn't staying attached to the velcro and the rough velcro was scratching my skin.
I continued to use the helmet because my options were dont wear a helmet and ride around unsafe or wear a helmet that causes pain but hopefully protects my head. (also the amount spent was more then I planned to pay for a helmet so there was no extra money to go out and buy a new one.)

Fast forward 6 weeks and the helmet started feeling different and it was then that I noticed the outer shell of the helmet was starting to detach from the inner part of the helmet the wires were exposed and the small blue battery pack was coming out.

When I attempted to reach out to Livall Support I was told they dont take responsibility for the helmet and that I need to go back to the store where i bought it, they are no longer open.

STAY AWAY FROM ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY... I wouldn't recommend anything from them not only are the helmets bad, the people who work here are just as bad... I guess it is a condition of employment here...

Excellent helmet with even more excellent sound

Excellent helmet with even more excellent sound. I added exchangeable vizor and a rearview mirror. the fit is perfect, but I would like to see this helmet with your original vizor.

Wiesław Raj
Kask rowerowy.

Bardzo dobry produkt, świetnie pracują głośniczki. Bardzo łatwe w powiązaniu z telefonem. Jestem pozytywnie zaskoczony, chociaż waga do poprzedniego kasku znacznie wzrosła wyraźnie to odpoczywam polecam wszystkim

Ashida Takayuki


Safe secure excellent

This helmet is very functional and comfy it works as stated but I actually was hit by a truck and what witnesses said I went airborne and hit hard, broken pelvis and vertabre . The helmet saved my brains and life it has some marring and scratches but it still works. I will, when I recoup, wear it with pride and when asked will say it saved my life, let me add I am a retired fireman of 32 years and I do know the value of good head protection. Thanks for a finely made helmet

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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