LIVALL, Leading Bluetooth Smart Safety Helmet Offer Tips for Winter and Spring Activities

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LIVALL (LIVE + ALL), a leading smart helmet manufacturer of state-of-the-art Smart Safety Bluetooth Helmet EVO21. The latest smart safety helmet backed by advanced safety features like Brake Warning lights, Fall detection, SOS button, and more ensures a more enhanced and safer biking experience. The EVO21 is compatible with cycles, bikes, skateboarders, skiers, electric bikes, hoverboards, etc. You can’t put a price on your safety. It’s worth the spend and offers an added layer of protection versus ordinary helmets. LIVALL helmets are low-carbon and focus on environmental protection. Since human-powered vehicles don’t emit the same harmful greenhouse gases as motor vehicles, LIVALL uses non-toxic materials to help reduce carbon footprints.

Helmets have come a long way since the ’70s and ’80s. Traditional helmets only protect you in case of a crash. LIVALL, a pioneer of smart helmets with advanced safety features, offers active protection to help prevent collisions before they happen. 

The EVO21 offers:

-Brighter visibility: The EVO21 offers true 360° coverage, with a brake warning light and turn signals for visibility from all directions that alert drivers of a rider’s intentions. 

-Lightweight design: With 30% more ventilation, it cuts back on the sweating that can impede your vision and helps keep a cool and comfortable ride. 

-Safer: Features include patent all detection and  SOS technology allowing you to message emergency contacts with exact GPS location when in distress. 

Today LIVALL brings you the crowning achievement of that dedication. Brighter, lighter, and safer than any other helmet on the market. The company believes in continuous innovation and designs and develops state-of-the-art smart helmets for cycling, biking, and ski adventures. 

With the latest in safety technology, LIVALL offers a few tips to help riders, cyclists, and skiers a few tips on staying safe. 

  1. Make sure your lights are sufficient. They are essential for riding in limited daylight and low-visibility weather.
  2. Wear a bright jacket, rain pants, inner arm layers, and cycling gloves.
  3. Wearing headbands under your helmet can provide good warmth and ear protection while allowing plenty of airflow. 
  4. Tune-up your bike and switch to wet-weather lube. After every ride, wipe down your chain and apply chain lube at least three times a month to prevent road salt’s rust, wear, and corrosion.
  5. Get some fenders; they can protect you from getting covered with wet, grimy spray from your tires.
  6. Check your brake pads, make sure they are in good condition because gritty, sandy conditions will wear your brakes faster in winter.
  7. Outfit your bike with winter tires. Add tires with heavier tread or use studded tires.

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